Are EV charging stations a good business idea in Poland?

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Of course it is! EV charging stations are an excellent business idea in Poland for many reasons. First of all, the EV market is growing rapidly in our country, which translates into increased demand for charging infrastructure.

Secondly, Poland is located at a strategic point on the map of Europe, making our country an important transportation hub. EV charging stations can therefore attract not only Polish, but also foreign drivers.

Third, the construction of EV charging stations is an investment with long-term benefits. With the growing popularity of electric cars, the demand for charging will only increase, which means a steady stream of customers for charging station owners.

All these factors make EV charging stations a good business idea in Poland. So don’t wait and join this growing industry today!

How to make money on electric car charging service?

The Law on Electromobility and Alternative Fuels gives us the opportunity to provide a charging service for electric vehicles, that is, to sell electricity. Such activity does not require a license.

If you are in business, and your business has a location with a parking space, you can offer an electric vehicle charging service. A customer wishing to use your charging station will log into an app, which will authorize him to use the service and allow payment. The time it takes to charge can be spent at nearby restaurants, cafes, or best of all – they can use other services your business provides.

How much does electricity cost at vehicle charging stations?

Prices at charging stations vary depending on the station owner, location, and type of charging.

The price per kW at an AC station ranges from PLN 1.60 to PLN 2.20.

The price per kW at a DC station ranges from PLN 1.95 to PLN 3.80.

How much does it cost to charge an electric car? We wrote an article about it.

What is the price of charging stations?

The price of a charging station with installation varies depending on the type and function. An AC charger can cost from a dozen to tens of thousands. High-power DC chargers are more expensive, ranging from 100 to several hundred thousand.

Starting in 2035, no new internal combustion cars will be allowed to be sold or registered in Poland. The ban in subsequent years will also apply to motorcycles and vans. Buying an internal combustion car abroad and registering it in Poland will also not be possible.

The changes are expected to reduce atmospheric emissions and thus contribute to improving air quality and preventing further deterioration of the climate.

Political changes and the public’s increasing environmental awareness mean that the number of electric cars on the road continues to grow. The sight of electric vehicle charging stations no longer surprises us. Large hotels, shopping malls and even residential communities are investing in EV charging infrastructure to meet the needs of their customers.

Our company offers complete solutions for EV charging stations, including design and installation. Our charging stations are not only functional and reliable, but also fully comply with the latest safety and quality standards. Contact us for more information.

We have already been trusted by many companies and institutions to meet the demands of the growing number of electric car users. Don’t waste time and join them today!

If you are interested in our services, contact us and learn more about how we can help you grow your EV charger business!

Examples of EV charging stations

stacja ładowania autel maxicharger ac wallbox socket z ekranem dotykowym, 22kw
Fig.1 Autel MaxiCharger AC Wallbox Tethered 3F charging station, 22kW
stacja ładowania autel maxicharger dc fast charger maxi eu dc w60 s, 60 kw
Figure 2 Autel MaxiCharger DC Fast Charger Maxi EU DC W60-S charging station, 60 kW
maxicharger ac floor standing jpg
Fig. 3 Autel MaxiCharger AC Floor Standing Maxi EU DC 2 x 22 kW charging station



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