Energosfera – Evolive at the opening!

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ENERGOSFERA, or Innovative Educational and Business Tourism Center, is a unique place that combines the science of the universe with the knowledge of ourselves. It is a training and recreational place, sharing both discoveries and achievements of modern science. From quantum physics – through cosmic interactions and waves – to cosmic phenomena that we can see live through the telescopes at the Observatory. Energosfera works with the world-famous NASA organization. The biggest unknown is ourselves, and those thirsty for knowledge will also find valuable insights into the question of who we are and what consciousness is.


Energosfera – a project on the ORION’s galactic plane

The workmanship of the site is as remarkable as its idea – it was built on the plan of the golden division and the spiral ORION’s galaxy.

energosfera makieta, plan, zdjecie z gory

There is an astronomical observatory, dome-shaped lecture buildings dedicated to the topics of sound, light and gravity, and a virtual reality educational lounge. At the Energosfera, each point of interest and each exhibition brings new, accessible and arranged knowledge. In the northern part of the Energosfera is a relaxation area with a sauna, Jacuzzi, floating chamber and a restaurant with healthy regional food. This is a place not only for those thirsty for knowledge, but also for those who want to relax in a place different from all others. Anyone can buy an overnight stay in the residential dome, and spend the day relaxing by the pond or enjoying the attractions of the Energosfera.


Renewable energy sources in the Energosfera – photovoltaic installation

All buildings are powered by renewable energy. The restaurant building features a 15 kWp hybrid photovoltaic installation designed and implemented by Evolive Technologies. The installation was built with innovative Bauer panels that use bifacial technology to produce additional energy from light falling on the underside of the panel. Thanks to glass-glass technology, the panels are safe and non-flammable.

energosfera fotowoltaika, panele fotowoltaiczne 2 min

energosfera fotowoltaika, panele fotowoltaiczne min


Wind turbine

Visitors to the Energosfera can get an up-close look at the wind turbine, which is one of the resort’s attractions. The installation operates in an off-grid system, i.e. independently of the power grid. Visitors can walk along the observation deck up to the roof of the building and watch the wind turbine’s operation up close.

energosfera wiatraki elektrownie wiatrowe


Idea and implementation

The originator and implementer of Energosfera is Tomasz Wasik, whose goal and dream was to build a place that would stimulate imagination and help young people discover passion and their own potential.

evolive technologies zespół min
Evolive Technologies team with ENERGOSFERA implementer Tomasz Wasik.

ENERGOFSERA is an innovative facility whose architecture stimulates reflection, and every idea we meet inside is a separate story and the beginning of a new adventure for both adults looking for an escape from the hardships of everyday life and children exploring the world. We are glad that we could add our contribution to the creation of such a wonderful and inspiring place!



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