Good components is not all you need!

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Even in the best-made installations, failure can occur after some time.

For us, it’s not a hassle but a challenge. We use high-quality equipment, but it is our employees who are the brains of the operation. Their knowledge and experience allow us to quickly diagnose and remove the fault or replace the damaged component.

For assemblies, we use only products that are renowned for their reliability and come with a long warranty. Our strategic partners include reputable companies such as German Bauer Solar – manufacturer of photovoltaic panels and Solarmax – manufacturer of energy storage units, among others, or Spanish Wallbox – manufacturer of car chargers. In the heat pump market, we cooperate with respected Polish companies like IC Partner and for large investments we form a consortium with Kosmopell, with whom we have capital ties.

We give a 5-year warranty for our services and provide a very fast response time when our client needs it.



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