Photovoltaic panels – 30-year product and line guarantee

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When selecting components for a photovoltaic installation, we pay attention to many factors to ensure efficient operation of the system for many years. One of the key parameters in the selection are the warranties of the equipment, among them the most important component of the system – the photovoltaic modules

Guarantee for photovoltaic panels

When choosing photovoltaic modules, we come across two terms describing different types of warranty

  • Product warranty
  • Performance guarantee – otherwise known as a linear guarantee

Product warranty for photovoltaic panels

The product guarantee for photovoltaic panels covers the workmanship of the module, i.e. it ensures that the glass will not break, the module will not delaminate, the frame will not be damaged or cracked and the film will not peel off. When we report a defect in a module that is covered by the guarantee, we must expect a thorough analysis of the workmanship of the panel installation by a person who verifies the validity of the claim. Mechanical damage or defects resulting from incorrect installation and use of the modules will not be recognised in the claim process

How long can the product guarantee be? 12, 25, 30 years?

Currently on the market, the product guarantee for photovoltaic modules is a minimum of 12 years. The product guarantee is an expression of the manufacturer’s confidence in the quality and durability of its panels. The manufacturer’s long-term commitment demonstrates the advanced technology and careful quality of the photovoltaic panel production

Some manufacturers offer much longer product guarantees. Among these are Jolywood panels (e.g. modelJW-HD108N 420W), which boast a 25-year product warranty

The clear leader among manufacturers of high-quality photovoltaic panels is Bauer Solartechnik GmbH. Bauer modules (e.g. model BS-400-108M10HBB-GG) have the longest product warranty on the market of up to 30 years!

Performance guarantee for photovoltaic panels

When choosing photovoltaic modules, you need to pay attention to the second type of guarantee – the linear output guarantee. Modules lose their efficiency with every year of operation. In the first year of operation, the module will decrease in efficiency by up to 5%, and with each subsequent year by 0.5 – 1%

Although we can find modules on the market with a 25-year linear warranty, a high-quality panel with a 30-year linear warranty is definitely a more favourable choice

The length of the guarantee in years is not the only parameter to pay attention to. The linear guarantee specifies the retention of performance at a particular level, e.g. 84.8 % after 25 years or 86 % after 30 years of operation.

A photovoltaic installation is an investment that, with long-term operation, allows you to permanently reduce your electricity bills. By opting for higher-quality components, you ensure efficient operation of the installation for many years.



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