Hypontech inverter HPT-25K 3F

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Hypontech inverter…

…Dark horse among string inverters

The company distinguishes itself in the market with its ever-growing portfolio of PV string inverters, storage, and energy management solutions. Their products are tested in environments around the world. Sold today in more than 50 countries on 6 continents. They have been designed based on the latest electronic components from reputable manufacturers, such as Fujitsu and Texas Instruments, which has given the opportunity not only to simplify the design and reduce the weight of the device, but most importantly, has influenced the low failure rate.

  • Very fast inverter thanks to modern components and software
  • High quality, which allowed to offer inverters with a basic warranty of 12 years
  • Degree of protection IP65 allows operation outdoors and in adverse weather conditions
  • Very high efficiency
  • Wide range of supply voltages on the DC side
  • Permissible short-term overload of up to 50% on the DC side
  • Ambient temperature range: -25 + 60 degrees C
  • Very quiet operation – passive cooling
  • Intuitive and functional app for iOS and Android
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Manufacturer: Hypontech
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Hypontech inverters are built with the highest quality components, which is confirmed by the exceptionally long 12-year product warranty. Hypontech is equipped with protection against island operation, and also has reverse polarity protection. The intuitive HiPortal application allows monitoring the operation of the installation. The monitoring function also allows initial diagnostics of the device via the Internet, allows to locate the problem and perform some of the service work without visiting the investor. Hypontech inverters are economical and do not consume large amounts of energy when the photovoltaic installation is not working, such as at night. Thanks to the low starting voltage, the inverter starts working very quickly and does not stop working almost until the last rays of the sun.

falownik hpt 50k 3f hypontech

Hypontech inverters

  • Very fast inverter thanks to modern components and software
  • High quality, which allowed to offer inverters with a basic warranty of 12 years
  • IP65 degree of protection allows operation outdoors and in adverse weather conditions.
  • Maximum efficiency: 98.6%
  • 2 independent MPPT inputs
  • Wide range of supply voltages on the DC side
  • Two independent MPPT inputs with two strings per input
  • Allowable short-term overload up to 50% on the DC side
  • Ambient temperature range: -25 + 60 degrees C
  • Very quiet operation – passive cooling
  • RS485, WiFi communication. GPRS optional
  • Easy-to-read LCD display
  • Intuitive and functional application for iOS and Android

Evolive Technologies’ research has shown that the Hypontech inverter definitely stands out positively in the string inverter market. In this regard, catalog data does not always translate into actual inverter production efficiency. In this respect, Hypontech tops the inverters in our ranking.

Take a look at the presentation of the Hypontech inverter

Apart from the photovoltaic modules, the inverter is the most important component of the entire installation. Its task is to change the direct current produced by photovoltaic modules into alternating current, which we use in the home installation. In addition to this, it reads and transmits a whole range of parameters regarding the operation of the installation. The information is available in applications or on websites, and both the installer and the owner of the installation can view the operation of the system. The photovoltaic inverter is the heart of the entire installation.

There are three types of inverters:

  • On-grid – they work with the power grid, they allow sending an excess amount of produced energy to the grid, on which their operation depends. This means that a power grid failure will shut down the inverter for safety reasons.
  • Off-grid – cooperate with energy storage, work independently of the power grid, making them ideal for those living in areas with difficult access to the power grid.
  • Hybrid –they combine the functions of the above inverters, cooperate with energy storage, transmit the excess current produced to the grid and allow the use of current stored in batteries (back-up function) when there is a power outage in the grid. They help raise the facility’s own energy consumption, as energy produced during the day, is stored in the storage and can be used at night.

One of the criteria when choosing an inverter is its warranty, which nowadays should be a minimum of 5 years.

Hypontech inverters are up to 12 years of factory warranty

Suzhou Hypontech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “HYPONTECH”), headquartered in Suzhou, China, provides a 12-year factory warranty for the HPS, HPK and HPT inverter series in Poland.

During the factory warranty period, HYPONTECH covers the cost of replacing inverter components. Expenses and costs including, but not limited to, transportation costs to and from the HYPONTECH factory, direct and indirect labor costs of the inverter user, owner, installer, distributor or other third parties, on-site labor costs, taxes and duties are not covered by the factory warranty period.

The purchaser may apply for an extension of the warranty by sending an appropriate request to the manufacturer (up to 12 months from the date of installation or 15 months from the date of shipment – whichever comes first).

HiPortal and Hypon.Cloud App

The HiPortal application and website provides insight into all operating parameters of the plant. It allows you to report faults, remotely change inverter settings, and monitor the operation of the photovoltaic installation. The data is presented by means of graphs that illustrate the characteristics of the installation’s operation on a given day. You can also see a preview of the production of the entire month and year, with the day of the highest production highlighted. The application informs us about the current production, as well as the total production from the installation. The data is saved every 5 minutes, there is an option to reduce this time to 1 minute.

The Hypon.Cloud application is a refreshed version of HiPortal, which also includes hybrid inverters. Network inverter data collected in HiPortal will also be visible in the Hypon.Cloud application, and can be accessed by logging in with the same data.

  • Allows you to view many parameters such as:
    • The amount of energy sent to the grid
    • The amount of energy produced per day, month and total production
      The amount of self-consumption
    • Presentation of data in the form of clear graphs
  • Remote reporting of faults
  • Remotely change inverter settings
  • Allows you to determine the exact location of the installation
  • Allows you to set current data, such as electricity price, tariff, etc.

A particularly important feature for installers is to view all installations installed at customers’ sites.

Hypontech company

Evolive Technologies Sp. z o.o.

We are a company that provides customers with renewable energy solutions with passion and diligence. We have been working in the photovoltaic, heat pump, energy storage, and electromobility industries for years. We have experience in the design and implementation of both commercial and residential customer projects.

Our team is made up of specialists who work closely with the client at every stage of the project, from conception and planning, through design and implementation, to technical and post-installation support. Our installers are technically knowledgeable and experienced in installation. Relevant education, as well as years of experience, guarantee that careful installation is carried out in a safe manner.

We offer customers comprehensive solutions that take into account the needs and requirements of the investor, regardless of the scale of the project.


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