Huawei optimizer SUN2000-450W-P

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Your photovoltaic installation is not getting full sunlight, or one of the panels is partially covered? The solution will be the use of the Huawei Sun2000-450W-P optimizer.

The product is distinguished by its versatility, which significantly simplifies the selection of installation components. The optimizer quickly pairs with the inverter (less than 1.5 minutes) and automatically maps the modules, so you know the operating parameters of each module that is equipped with the optimizer. The use of the optimizer allows for quick diagnostics and trouble-free and safe service of the installation.

The installation of the optimizer will provide greater efficiency, active protection and higher comfort of PV installation operation.

Using full optimization :

  • Optimizers reduce the impact of mismatches, and shunt the module in case of failure
  • You have access to module-level plant monitoring
  • You can design longer PV chains
  • In the event of an inverter failure or shutdown, the voltage on the optimizers will drop to 0V

The Huawei Sun2000-450W-P optimizer is compatible with Sun2000 M1 and M2 series inverters.

The product is available on request.
  • you can place an order without paying for this product;
  • After placing an order, a store employee will contact you to arrange all the details
Manufacturer: Huawei
Categories: Optimizers
SKU: SUN2000-450W-P

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Weight 0,55 kg
Dimensions 71 × 138 × 25 cm

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