Smart Power Sensor Hoymiles DDSU 666 Direct Connect 1phase

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Categories: Monitoring modules
SKU: DDSU 666 Direct Connect 1F


Hoymiles’ Smart Power Sensor DDSU 666 1phase meter is an advanced tool that allows us to monitor electrical parameters in photovoltaic installations. With this device we can access the most important information in real time, which is extremely important for maintaining the efficiency and safety of such installations.

Whether you’re a professional installer or a homeowner with solar panels, the DDSU 666 1F provides vital data such as single-phase voltage and current, active and reactive power, frequency, positive energy, reverse energy and much more. This offers a complete picture of your photovoltaic system’s operation, allowing you to quickly identify problems and optimize performance.

The device is equipped with an intuitive LCD display that shows all the collected data. Everything is presented in an easy-to-understand manner, allowing you to easily track and analyze parameters. Measurements of up to 80 A are possible thanks to the high-quality current transformers that come with the meter. This not only increases the functionality of the device, but also makes it easier to install and use.

The DDSU 666 1F meter uses an RS485 communication interface, which allows easy integration with other systems. This means that you are able to easily connect it to various devices such as controllers, controllers or energy management systems. In addition, the meter is designed to be mounted on a TH rail, allowing for easy and efficient installation anywhere.

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