Renewable energy


The primary source of energy for us is photovoltaics. Due to the flexibility of this solution and high susceptibility to convert electricity into another form. However, the real potential is revealed when several solutions are combined.

Solar radiation reaching the earth is not constant and, blocked by passing clouds, can change in a matter of seconds. The inconvenience of 1st generation photovoltaic installations was the production of energy without the possibility of storage and intelligent management. The energy generated during a sunny day was used on the farm only in a small part. The rest, in the form of surplus, was returned to the grid. The small amount of self-consumption and the surrender of energy to the grid by many users at the same time resulted in exceeding the nominal parameters of the grid. In the worst case scenario, this led to shutting down the inverter and stopping power production altogether.

One of the inevitable steps, therefore, is to store the generated energy. It can be stored in various forms.

In recent years, there has been an unheard-of development of energy storage systems and energy management control solutions. In a home, farm or industrial plant. Such a system maximizes self-consumption by running additional consumers at the time of peak production during the day. If there is still more energy than can be used it is stored in batteries. In addition, it also reduces the need for grid consumption at night or during a cloudy day when the photovoltaic system is not operating or is operating less efficiently. The grid is not overloaded and the inverter and the entire photovoltaic installation operate without shutdowns. This maximizes the production of energy from our installation and thus gives a faster return on investment.

The optimal solution is to combine photovoltaics with another energy source such as wind. This is a very beneficial tandem. Wind energy is available around the clock regardless of sunlight. In addition, in autumn and winter the day becomes shorter. When we add to this cloudy days, they further reduce the amount of light reaching us. However, this is a period in which there is no shortage of wind. The synergy of these solutions seems almost ideal.

The combination of solar energy, wind power and energy storage systems through an intelligent management system produces fantastic results. It allows you to comfortably use multiple electrical devices simultaneously without worrying about grid outages. And this is already full self-reliance and independence from price changes. That is, a full island system colloquially called offgird in the industry!

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