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Heating is a key element of any home that affects the comfort of its occupants. Choosing the right heating system is therefore an important step when building or upgrading your home. In this article, we will present the different types of heating that you should consider to ensure warmth and low bills in your home.


Types of heating systems for the home

When planning a new heating system for our home, we are faced with choosing among the various systems available on the market. Each has its own unique features, benefits and limitations. We will look at such heating systems as heat pumps, gas heating, solid fuel heating and electric heating.


Heat pumps

Heat pumps are an innovative and increasingly popular heating system solution. They use energy from the environment to produce heat to heat a building.


jakie ogrzewanie do domu pompa ciepła daikin 4 kw
Figure 1. Daikin 4 kW heat pump (left: outdoor unit, right: indoor unit)

The main advantage of heat pumps is their high energy efficiency. They work on the principle of a cycle, in which heat is extracted from one source and transferred to another. For example, in the case of air-to-water heat pumps, heat energy is extracted from the air outside the building and transferred to water, which is then used for space heating. Heat pumps are environmentally friendly. They do not generate exhaust emissions or harmful substances, which contributes to reducing the negative impact on the environment. Another advantage of pumps is their versatility. They can be used for both space heating and hot water production. In addition, many types of heat pumps also offer a cooling function during the summer months, making them more versatile than traditional heating systems.

It is worth noting that heat pumps require proper selection and installation by a qualified professional. There are many types of heat pumps, and choosing the right one depends on a number of factors, such as the energy needs of the building, availability of energy sources and budget. If you need help selecting a heat pump contact to us!



Gas heating

Gas heating is one of the more popular ways to heat a home. In this solution, natural gas or propane-butane is burned in a furnace to generate heat.


piec gazowy kondensacyjny ogrzewanie domu
Figure 2: Condensing gas furnace for home heating

It is an efficient and fast way to heat a building, providing thermal comfort. Gas heating systems are relatively easy to install and operate. They are also often used to produce domestic hot water. Nevertheless, gas heating involves variable costs, which depend on market gas prices. In addition, burning gas produces carbon dioxide emissions, which has a negative impact on the environment. The European Union will ban gas heating of new residential buildings from 2030.


Solid fuels

Heating with solid fuels, such as coal and eco-pea, are still common ways of heating homes, which has its advantages and disadvantages. Coal and eco-pea are efficient heat sources that maintain temperature for a long time. Solid fuels require special stoves or boilers that are adapted to burn them. There is a need for regular maintenance and cleaning of the stove to ensure its efficient operation. It is important to remember that heating with solid fuels can contribute to air pollution and negative impacts on our environment. Emissions of carbon dioxide, sulfur compounds and other substances are harmful to human health and our environment. In Poland, with the passage of the anti-smog resolution, bans on stoves using solid fuels are being introduced in more provinces.


Electric heating

A common heating system in homes is electric heating. This solution uses electricity to generate heat and produce hot water. In this system, electricity flows through a heating element, which can be in the form of heating panels, electric radiators, heaters or underfloor electric heating. The electric current is transformed into heat energy, which is emitted to the premises of the building, raising their temperature. Electric heating is easy to install and does not require burning fuels. Temperature control can be tailored to individual needs in each room. However, electric heating is expensive to operate, as electricity is more expensive than other energy sources. It also requires adequate electrical power and well-insulated buildings to provide effective heating. You can reduce the cost of electricity by using a photovoltaic system.



What kind of heating for a 2023 house? It depends. Choosing the right heating system for your home depends on many factors, such as your budget, aesthetic and environmental preferences. Before making a decision, it’s worth consulting an expert who can help you evaluate different options and tailor them to your individual needs. Heating is an investment for years, so it is important to make an informed choice. Whichever heating system you choose for your home, be sure to perform regular servicing and maintenance to ensure its smooth operation and energy savings. Make sure your home is adequately warm while ensuring optimal energy consumption.




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