heat pumps

heat pumps​

Heat pumps are among the most efficient heating devices available on the market. They are an excellent economical alternative to heating buildings with coal, gas or electricity.

Heat pumps use renewable energy sources like groundwater, earth and air for their operation. We provide solutions tailored to your needs. Bet on the comfort of your life. Feel free to contact us!


How do heat pumps work?

Heat pumps extract heat energy from a lower heat source (ground, air, etc.) using a working medium. The refrigerant is then turned into steam in the evaporator and directed to the compressor, where the temperature is raised. Then the heat from the working medium is collected in the condenser and directed to the building system circuit. After the heat is removed from the working medium, it returns to liquid form and is directed to the lower heat source, and the cycle closes.

Which heat pump should I choose?


This is a heat pump designed to be installed outside the building, and the plumbing is routed inside the building. Such a pump does not require space to be set aside inside the building, while it requires protection against freezing possible during a power outage. Installation of such a pump is much simpler. Monoblocks will work well both in newly built houses and when replacing the heat source in existing houses.


This is the most popular type of air heat pump. The main advantage of this solution is the division into two units – external and internal. The noisiest components of the system (compressor and fan) are located outside the building, close to the wall. It does not take up much space, about 1 . The indoor unit is smaller. An important advantage of this solution is resistance to freezing of the system. The split heat pump is suitable for retrofitted buildings and newly constructed ones.

Want to know more?

If you are interested in installing a heat pump, we are here to help you.

Quality and reliability

We use high-quality components. The offered installations are well and reliably matched to the needs of our customers.


We carry out a variety of energy projects, including those independent of the grid. We have Off-grid installations with energy storage, grid simulators, generators to our credit. We support the idea of energy independence.

Emergency and guaranteed power supply

A power outage no longer has to be a nuisance. We supply EPS emergency power systems – both diesel generators and inverters with energy storage – all tailored to your needs.


Producing enough energy is one issue. Utilizing it is another issue. Giving energy back to the grid is becoming an increasing problem. A necessary step is the introduction of energy management systems that will store the energy produced, in the form of electricity and heat – heat domestic hot water, heat or cool a house, charge an electric car, etc.



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