Steel sheds for photovoltaic panels / Carports

We will design and manufacture Carports

Carports have become our flagship product. We are able to carry out the design of both standard 1 and 2-station carports, as well as non-standard constructions – designed and made under individual spatial conditions and the expectations of the customer as to dimensions, materials used and color.

Want to know more?

If you are interested in photovoltaic installation, we are here to help you.

Quality and reliability

We use high-quality components. The offered installations are well and reliably matched to the needs of our customers.

Ease and versatility

Foundations can be made on site, or prefabricated at the factory and delivered for installation.

Durable solutions for years to come

We provide high corrosion protection achieved by zinc coating and powder coating as well as offer construction in custom colors.



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