Domestic wind generators

High-efficiency wind generators

Wind generators are an important sector of the renewable energy sources industry “RES”. The selection of a wind turbine, to be correct, must be preceded by an analysis of spatial conditions and investor expectations. We have experience in this area.

The devices in our offer are market-tested solutions, offer reliability and are characterized by high efficiency and durability.


Wind generators in our offer

Wind generators with horizontal axis of rotation (HAWT)

Among the many solutions available on the market, we recommend turbines
with a horizontal axis of rotation. Due to their higher efficiency compared to popular
vertical turbines, such a solution makes it possible to achieve higher production with compact
compact dimensions. We associate windmills with horizontal axis of rotation with
large wind farms, and we would call their appearance more traditional than futuristic.
Most often, these are turbines with three blades, because increasing the number of blades
does not necessarily translate into higher plant yields.

Below are the advantages of turbines with a horizontal axis of rotation:

Wind generators with vertical axis of rotation (VAWT)

Vertical axis wind turbines account for only 5% of all installed windmills. Their use is limited to micro-home installations. Aesthetic and modern design has determined the high interest among individual customers. Quiet operation resulting from the slow-speed system and operation without a wind-directing system, as well as the ability to operate in very strong winds are undoubted advantages. A turbine of the same power with a vertical axis of rotation is larger, as a result of technical parameters.

Below are the advantages of turbines with a vertical axis of rotation:



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