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Installation of photovoltaic panels from A to Z

We are a leading provider of high-standard photovoltaic panel installation services. Our company has extensive experience in the implementation of numerous projects, which are always preceded by a professional audit. Our specialization includes not only the installation of photovoltaic panels, but also comprehensive installation design, precise selection of optimal solutions and comprehensive support at every stage of the investment. We guarantee a full range of services at the highest level, enabling comprehensive and effective implementation of projects. 

In our company, we not only assemble photovoltaic panels, but also engage in the entire investment process:

  • we help in the professional selection of proven components,
  • we organize transport,
  • precise assembly of a photovoltaic installation
  • comprehensive after-sales and service support.

In addition, we offer support in submitting applications for co-financing for investments. Our highly qualified team of specialists is ready to lead your project from start to finish, ensuring the highest quality of services.

Our team of experts will carefully assess your needs and present optimal solutions tailored to your facility. Thanks to solar energy, you can reduce electricity costs and contribute to environmental protection.

Photovoltaics for a company or for a home? Photovoltaic is a solution that brings great benefits.

Make an appointment for a professional photovoltaic audit today and discover the savings potential offered by the installation of solar panels. We invite you to use our services that will provide you with excellent results and long-term benefits.

Photovoltaics for companies - an investment in the future

As experienced entrepreneurs, we are well aware that the cost of electricity is a significant expense for any company. Therefore, deciding to install a professional photovoltaic installation can bring significant savings and significantly reduce the operating costs of your company. 

Installing solar panels is a strategic decision that brings many benefits to both the environment and your financial stability. Solar panels allow you to effectively obtain energy from a free and reliable source, which is the sun. Thanks to the installation of photovoltaic panels, your company becomes energy independent.

Investment in photovoltaics is not only savings, but also a key element in the development of your business. The installation of solar panels allows your company to be perceived as ecological and innovative, which contributes to building a solid brand image.

We invite you to contact our team to learn more about photovoltaic installations for enterprises. We have been operating in this industry for many years, having the necessary experience and knowledge to design and install a photovoltaic system that will fully meet the requirements of your company. An investment in photovoltaics is an investment in the future of your business!

Installation of photovoltaics for your home - start saving today

Installation of a professional photovoltaic installation is an investment that translates into real savings on electricity bills. Installation of photovoltaics is an effective way to increase the energy independence of your home.

Our company specializes in comprehensive installation of a photovoltaic installation on the roof or on the ground of your house. We have a qualified team of experts who have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the field of photovoltaics. Thanks to this, we can provide you with professional advice and an individual approach to your project, which will allow us to adapt our offer to your unique needs and requirements.

We are convinced that the installation of a photovoltaic installation is an investment that will pay off quickly, contributing to a significant reduction in the costs associated with the use of your home. We cordially encourage you to contact our team and use our photovoltaic installation service. Start saving today with reliable and free solar energy.

Installation of a photovoltaic installation on your own?

Installing a photovoltaic installation on your own is an ambitious project that can bring many benefits. Nevertheless, before starting it, it is worth considering whether we have the appropriate technical knowledge and tools. Installation of a photovoltaic installation requires proper preparation, without which it will not be possible to achieve maximum efficiency while maintaining safety.

If you are not sure whether you can install the photovoltaics yourself, it is worth using the services of a professional installer. It is a guarantee that the entire process will be performed in accordance with technical requirements and safety standards.

However, if you already have the appropriate knowledge and experience in installation, our store offers a wide selection of solar panels, inverters and other photovoltaic accessories. All products in our range have been carefully selected to provide our customers with the highest quality and performance. We are a distributor of the solutions we offer – we provide after-sales care, giving you comfort and safety.

We invite you to visit our store and take advantage of our rich offer. Together, we can build an efficient photovoltaic installation that will produce electricity for many years.

What determines the cost of installation and assembly of photovoltaics?

The cost of a photovoltaic installation depends on many factors: 

  1. Installation size – the cost of a photovoltaic installation depends largely on the size of the system. The larger the installation, the higher the cost. A larger installation will pay for itself faster. A smaller installation may be more cost-effective where the energy production is sufficient to meet the needs of a home or business.
  2. Type of solar panels – the cost of solar panels depends on their quality, efficiency and manufacturer. Higher quality panels usually translate to a higher price, but at the same time increase their efficiency and durability, which can result in long-term savings. It is important to choose solar panels suitable for our needs, paying attention to their technical parameters.
  3. Selection of other components – the installation cost will also depend on the selected inverter (inverter). In addition, a photovoltaic installation may require additional accessories, such as a charge controller, voltage converter or monitoring module, which allow for effective management and control over the production and consumption of electricity. These additional components increase the installation cost.
  4. Installation location – The costs associated with a photovoltaic installation vary depending on where it is to be installed. The costs are different in cities than in rural areas. In cities, additional preparatory work may be required, such as reinforcing the roof to support the weight of the panels. In rural areas, it is often necessary to provide adequate access to the installations, which can also affect costs.
  5. Installation location – the cost of installing a photovoltaic installation on the roof will be different than on the ground or solar shed.
  6. Technical conditions – the cost also depends on the technical conditions at the installation site. For example, whether additional preparatory work needs to be done, such as changing the electrical system or raising the roof.
  7. Installation with or without energy storage – the cost of installation with energy storage is usually higher. This is due to the additional cost of the battery, the need to install a more expensive inverter, as well as more specialized installation and regular maintenance. Nevertheless, a photovoltaic installation with storage may be more profitable in the long run.
  8. Mounting and grounding – Panel mounting and grounding are other important elements that affect the cost of the entire installation. Installation can be more expensive if the building requires specialized structures or if the installation has to be carried out in hard-to-reach places. Grounding is a procedure to ensure the safety of an installation by connecting it to the ground and may affect the cost of installation depending on the size of the system.

It is worth noting that the cost of a photovoltaic installation is an investment that will pay off in the long run thanks to savings on electricity bills. Therefore, it is worth investing in quality and professionalism when choosing a company that performs a photovoltaic installation to be able to enjoy its benefits for a long time.



Bauer Solar photovoltaic modules

Our main item of PV modules are technologically advanced bifacial glass-glass modules, N-Type, half cut, from the BS-xxx-M6HBB5-GG series, with a power of 385 Wp to 550 Wp.

In addition to Glass-Glass technology, already becoming the company’s hallmark, Bauer has further improved its products by adding Bifacial, N-Type silicon, Half Cut technology to the system.

The combination of these technologies and technical parameters make them unrivaled (opinion based on analyzes of hundreds of installations on these modules).

Advantages of BAUER modules: 

  • Power 385-550 Wp;
  • High efficiency;
  • Bifacial N-Type technology with up to 30% more power than traditional;
  • 120 Transparent Half Cut Links with 9 Bus Bars;
  • 30-year product warranty;
  • 30-year guarantee of electricity production with co
  • at least 87% of electricity production after 30 years of use;
  • Extreme fire resistance (no foil);
  • High load resistance;
  • Positive Power Tolerance +3%;
  • PID test

DAH Solar photovoltaic modules

DAH Solar modules are distinguished by the innovative FULL SCREEN technology, which allows increase in electricity production by up to 15% compared to traditional panels, thanks to reduced sedimentation of dirt and snow. Due to their unique and innovative design, FULL SCREEN modules have a high water resistance class (IP68), they are also characterized by greater reliability and a reduced risk of the “hot spot” effect. The cells are made of class A crystalline silicon, thus providing high power output at low cost. 

Advantages of DAH modules: 

    • Increase in electricity production by up to 15% thanks to FULL SCREE technologyN
    • Reduced sedimentation of dust, sand, water and snow
    • Waterproof rating IP68
    • Crystalline silicon grade A
    • High efficiency even in low sunlight
    • Low performance loss with shading
    • Mechanical load resistance: wind load (2400 Pascal) and snow load (5400 Pascal)
    • Reduced risk of hot spot
    • Guaranteed positive tolerance 0~+5W
    • Slower decline in efficiency: first year <2%, 0.55% per year from 2-25
    • Greater anti-PID


Hypontech inverters

Hypontech stands out on the market thanks to its ever-expanding portfolio of PV string inverters, energy storage and energy management solutions. Their products are tested in environments around the world. Sold today in over 50 countries on 6 continents. Hypontech inverters have been designed on the basis of the latest electronic components from reputable manufacturers, which made it possible not only to simplify the construction and reduce the weight of the device, but above all, it influenced high reliability

Advantages of Hypontech inverters:

  • State of the art hardware and software
  • High quality – 12-year basic warranty
  • IP65 rated to work outdoors and in adverse weather conditions
  • Technical compliance with VDE-AR-E 2100-712
  • Maximum efficiency: 98.6%
  • Wide range of supply voltages on the DC side
  • Two independent MPPT inputs with two strings per input
  • Ambient temperature range: -25 to 60°C
  • Very quiet operation – passive cooling
  • Low weight and handy dimensions allow for quick installation of the inverter by one person, which is especially appreciated by installers 

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Professional installation of PV panels - safety and efficiency in the first place

Installation of photovoltaic panels is a key stage in creating an efficient photovoltaic installation. As an experienced company specializing in the assembly / installation of photovoltaic panels, we offer comprehensive services that will meet even the highest expectations. Thanks to our professional approach and the use of modern technologies, we ensure the safety and optimal performance of your photovoltaic installation. 

Installation of photovoltaic panels takes place while maintaining the highest quality standards. Our qualified team of specialists has extensive experience in installing photovoltaics and mounting photovoltaic panels, which guarantees the perfect execution of each project. We focus on precision and attention to detail to provide you with the best results and long-term performance of your installation.

When you choose our solar panel installation services, you can be sure that you are getting a comprehensive offer. Starting from consultation and advice on the best solution for your company, through the preparation and installation of photovoltaics, to the final installation of PV panels. We are here to support you at every stage of this process.

The price of solar installation depends on many factors, such as the size of the installation, the type of solar panels used and the location. We are transparent in our prices and strive to provide optimal value for money. We will prepare an individual valuation for you, taking into account all aspects of your photovoltaic installation.

Photovoltaics for enterprises are the perfect solution for companies wishing to achieve greater energy independence and reduce electricity costs. Our solar panel installation services are dedicated to enterprises, offering a comprehensive installation that will contribute to increasing the energy efficiency of your business.

Trust our experience in the assembly / installation of photovoltaic panels and provide your company with a sustainable and cost-effective energy solution. Take advantage of our PV installation services today and enjoy the benefits as

personal injection of energy for your company. Our team of experts will help you install photovoltaics, providing not only high-quality photovoltaic panels, but also a comprehensive installation, tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Installing solar panels is an investment for years. Therefore, our company focuses not only on professional installation, but also on providing panels of the highest quality. We work with renowned manufacturers to provide you with reliable and efficient photovoltaic solutions.

When you decide to install photovoltaic panels, you can be sure that you are betting on an ecological and economical solution. The solar energy you obtain will not only reduce your electricity bills, but also contribute to environmental protection. Therefore, the installation of PV panels is not only an investment in the future of your company, but also a conscious choice for the environment.

We invite you to take advantage of our photovoltaic panel installation services. We are ready to support you at every stage, from consulting and design, through the purchase of appropriate panels, to precise assembly. Give us a chance to prove that our company is a partner you can rely on in the field of photovoltaics.

Contact us today and start your adventure with the installation of photovoltaic panels. Combine economic benefits with care for the environment and enjoy the energy independence offered by photovoltaics.

Assembly / Installation of Photovoltaic Panels - frequently asked questions

Installation of photovoltaic panels brings many benefits, such as significant savings on electricity costs, reduction of CO2 emissions, energy independence and the possibility of using solar energy as an ecological power source.

The installation time of a photovoltaic installation depends on many factors, such as the size of the installation, local conditions and the specificity of the facility. Typically, this process takes from several days to several weeks.

In most cases, the installation of photovoltaic panels on private homes does not require special permits, but it is worth checking local regulations and possibly consulting the relevant authorities. Additional formalities may be required for commercial or historic properties.

The costs of installing solar panels depend on many factors, such as the size of the installation, the type of panels used, local conditions, etc. For accurate cost estimates, we recommend contacting our team who will adapt the offer to individual needs and requirements.

Solar panel warranties vary by manufacturer. The product warranty usually covers a period of 12 to 30 years, while the panel performance warranty covers 20-30 years. Detailed information on the warranty will be available in the offer, which we will present after analyzing your individual project.

Solar panels are usually easy to maintain and do not require frequent maintenance. However, it is recommended to regularly clean the surface of the panels and monitor their performance. Our team can provide guidance on proper plant maintenance.

Yes, it is possible to sell surplus energy produced from photovoltaic panels. Depending on local regulations and conditions, you can use the so-called prosumer tariff system or connect the installation to the power grid as an independent producer.

There are many options available for financing investments in solar panels. You can use your own funds, use a bank loan, take advantage of government programs or take advantage of leasing or renting panels. Our experts can help you choose the best financial solution.

Yes, the photovoltaic installation can be expanded in the future. If your project takes into account the potential need for more power in the future, it is possible to adapt the installation, add additional solar panels and extend the system.

Maintenance of solar panels is usually not required. It is recommended to regularly monitor the performance and clean the panels of contaminants such as dust, leaves or bird droppings. Our team can provide detailed guidance on proper maintenance and keeping your panels in good condition.


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