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Installation services and sales of photovoltaic assortment

We have made many unique installations. We work on high-efficiency photovoltaic modules and the inverter is selected individually to the structure of the roof, the location of the building or other requirements so that the installation works with the maximum possible efficiency.

The complete service includes the selection of components, transportation, installation of the system and assistance with obtaining financing for the investment.



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Jakość i niezawodność

Używamy komponentów wysokiej jakości. Oferowane instalacje są dobrze i rzetelnie dobrane do potrzeb naszych Klientów.


Bauer Solar photovoltaic modules

Our main item of PV modules, are the technologically advanced Bifacial Glass-Glass, N-Type, half cut modules, from the BS-xxx-M6HBB5-GG series, with outputs ranging from 385 Wp to 550 Wp.

In addition to Glass-Glass technology, already becoming a hallmark of the company, Bauer has further enhanced its products by adding Half Cut technology to the Bifacial system, N-Type silicon.

The combination of these technologies and technical parameters make them unrivaled (opinion based on analysis of hundreds of installations on these modules).


BAUER modules’ advantages:

  •  385-550 Wp power;
  • High efficiency;
  • Bifacial N-Type technology with power production up to 30% higher than traditional;
  • 120 transparent Half Cut cells with 9 Bus Bars;
  • 30 year product warranty;
  • 30-year power production guarantee with a yield of at least at least 87% current production after 30 years use;
  • Extreme fire resistance (no film);
  • High load resistance;
  • Positive power tolerance +3%;
  • PID test

DAH Solar photovoltaic modules

DAH Solar modules are distinguished by their innovative FULL SCREEN technology, which allows for an increase in electricity production of up to 15% over traditional panels, thanks to reduced sedimentation of dirt and snow. Due to their unique and innovative design, FULL SCREEN modules have a high waterproof rating (IP68), and are also characterized by higher reliability and reduced risk of hot spots. The cells are constructed of A-grade crystalline silicon, so they provide high power output at low cost.

DAH SOLAR modules’ advantages:

  • Increased power generation by up to 15% with FULL SCREEN technology;
  • Reduced sedimentation of dust, sand, water and snow;
  • IP68 water resistance class;
  • A-class crystalline silicon
    High efficiency even in low sunlight conditions;
  • Low performance loss under shade;
  • Resistance to mechanical loads: wind load (2400 Pascal) and snow load (5400 Pascal);
  • Reduced risk of hot spot effect;
  • Guaranteed positive tolerance of 0~+5W
    Slower efficiency loss: first year <2%, 0.55% per year from 2-25;
  • Greater ability to combat the PID effect

Hypontech inverters

Hypontech has distinguished itself in the market with its ever-growing portfolio of string PV inverters, energy storage, and energy management solutions. Their products are tested in environments around the world. Sold today in more than 50 countries on 6 continents. Hypontech inverters are designed on the basis of the latest electronic components from reputable manufacturers, which has given the opportunity not only to simplify the design and reduce the weight of the device, but above all to influence high reliability.

Atuty falowników Hypontech:

  •  State-of-the-art components and software;
  • High quality – basic warranty 12 years;
  • IP65 rating for outdoor and inclement weather operation;
  • Technical compliance with VDE-AR-E 2100-712;
  • Maximum efficiency: 98.6%;
  • Wide range of supply voltages on the DC side
    Two independent MPPT inputs with two chains per input;
  • Ambient temperature range: from -25 to 60°C;
  • Very quiet operation – passive cooling;
  • Low weight and handy dimensions allow quick installation of the inverter by one person, which is especially appreciated by installers



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