How about dropping it all and going to the Bieszczady Mountains….

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How about dropping it all and going to the Bieszczady Mountains?

Or at least to the allotments for the weekend…. Only soon, how will I charge my cell phone?

There are already great solutions to this kind of dilemma. Photovoltaic panels and energy storage and you can be completely independent. Even in the middle of a forest or on an island in the middle of a lake. This is called offgrid in the industry, which means the ability to produce and use energy without access to the grid. With the right number and efficiency of panels and well-chosen battery capacities, you can go to the Bieszczady Mountains or to a plot of land in the middle of the forest even in an electric car without worrying about its range and the possibility of recharging the battery.

In countries such as the United States and Australia, most installations are those using batteries. With ever-increasing energy prices as well as because of the trend toward independence from the grid, such a direction is becoming increasingly popular in Europe as well.

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